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Guidelines for Preparing Full Technical Papers – NDE 2017

The following are some guidelines for preparation of manuscripts for technical papers.


  1. Papers should be in either MS Word or PDF Formats.
  2. Margins of 25 mm to be provided on all sides.
  3. Language: Standard English with Spelling/Grammar checks performed
  4. ‘Times New Roman’ font type, with ‘Single’ line spacing.
  5. Maximum of 10 pages including Abstract and References.
  6. SI Units to be followed for all Quantities
  7. Manuscripts should have a header reading ‘NDE 2017 Conference & Exhibition of the Indian Society for NDT (ISNT), 14-16 December 2017, Chennai, T.N., India’. The font face should be in Times New Roman should not exceed 1 row. Size of the header should be in 9 point.
  8. Manuscripts should have page numbers at the bottom right

Title section

  1. Title: Font Size 14 point, bolded and centre-justified, Initial Capitals (Title case)
  2. Author Names: Should be given one line spacing below the title, font size 12 point, bolded and centre-justified
  3. Please provide all author names in the format: Firstname LASTNAME e.g. Karthik. L. SHARMA, Balakumar PENCHALIAH, Raghu SIVARAM etc.
  4. Authors Affiliations: Font size 11 point, centre-justified
  5. Affiliation Address should be clearly provided: for example: IIT Madras, Chennai 6000036, T.N., India etc.
  6. Email Address of corresponding author: Italicized, font size 11 point, centre justified
  7. Abstract: Font size 10 point, fully justified. The word "Abstract" to be Bolded with 11 point font size. Text of abstract should have a maximum of 150 words.
  8. Keywords: font size 10 point, italicized


  1. Main text should be in font size 12, fully justified.
  2. All sections should be numbered serially (Main section 1, 2, 3 etc / Sub section 2.1, 2.2 etc). Each paragraph should start with an indent.
  3. Main Section Title: Title case, 12 font, bold
  4. Subsection title: Title case, 12 font, normal

Main Sections

The paper should have the following format:

  1. Introduction: This section will specify the paper’s subject, purpose, scope of coverage and structure, background or historical information etc.
  2. This should be followed by sections such as Theory, Materials and Methods, Experimental / Simulation Results, Analysis, Discussion etc.
  3. Conclusion: This section consisting of at least one paragraph, should summarize and arrive at conclusions, and highlight limitations & further work
  4. Acknowledgement: Support received in financial, technical or any other form should be duly and suitably acknowledged
  5. References: To be included at the end and numbered and should be in the order of first mention in the text ([1] , [2, 3], [4-8] etc.); 11 point font size to be used. Format for Journal Papers, Textbooks, Book Chapters, Conference Proceedings, Patent, Theses etc. are as follows. Please follow similar stand formats for any other material such as technical reports etc.
    • X. Zhang, Y. Luo and Z. Fan, Name of the Journal, Volume, pp. 2500–2508 (2015).[Use ‘Et al’ if more than 3 authors]
    • A.B. Sharma and C.D. Verma, Classical Textbook (Publisher Name, Publisher City, Year), pp. 30–50.
    • M. N. Roy, “Title of chapter,” in Infamous Edited Book, edited by T. Guru (Publisher Name, Publisher City, Year), pp. 140-150.
    • A.B. Sharma and C.D. Verma, “The most important paper,” in Conference Name, Volume, edited by T. Guru (Conference Publisher name, Place, Year), pp. 651–654.
    • P.R. Ayer and O.P. Jain, U.S./Indian/European/Japanese Patent No. (Year of Filing/Granted).
    • T. Guru, “The definitive thesis”, Ph.D. thesis, Imperial College London UK, Department, Year

Figures, Tables and Equations

  1. Figures and Tables to be inserted in between text at appropriate locations. The details of figures and graphs should be legible and readable.
  2. All Figures and Tables should be numbered with appropriate Caption /Titles (Figure1, Figure 2,... Table 1 etc.) and should be quoted within the text
  3. All Figures should have suitable Axis Labels with suitable units specified
  4. All Equations should be in-set, numbered and quoted within the text

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